Monday, June 29, 2009

Showing Gus the Ropes

I don't know if I have mentioned the bond that Gus and Cy already have. Gus will crawl over to Cy and start wrestling around with him already, he does this little growl like he is really getting him. Gus doesn't do that with anyone else. I love it!

Cy loves Gus too and gets SO excited to show Gus his toys. Cy tries to get him to play tractors and ball with him. I love it, big brother showing the little guy the ropes. Then the other day I walk in to find this going on...
Cy was showing Gus one of his favorite places...the snack closet.
He looked at me and said, "Show Gus my tastees!"
Then it was on to the fridge to show him his favorite thing there,
apple sauce (appol oss as Cy says)

Look at him go

Just thought I would show the garden progress...not too shabby huh? He works so hard on it. I love that he makes the girls get out there and work in the garden with him. They love it too! They are out there pretty much every evening.

We have had some awesome broccoli and asparagus already. Onions, garlic, squash, peas and so much more on the way! I think the girlies are the most excited for their pumpkins to get huge!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We love you Sadie

I am just so overcome with emotions today. Our friends the Huish family has lost their daughter Sadie today to a terrible brain tumor. Bailey loves Sadie so much and talks about her all the time. This beautiful little girl fought an amazing battle and was an inspiration to all who knew her. Her parents have been equally inspiring and I wish they knew how much they have helped others through their example of faith and grace during such an unimaginable trial. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with me and my family. We love you dearly.
I am so thankful for the gospel and for the knowledge we have of life after our earthly life is complete. So thankful for Eternal Families. I just want to hold each one of my kids and never let go, never let a moment go by without them knowing how much I love them.

Sadie, until we meet again....we love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

No no no no NO!

Just look at what my baby did last week! I come to get him from his nap and just look at this....He is standing! Now this may not be of concern to most, but I just demand that he stop getting older right NOW! I am serious, this is hard for me. Matt is 99% sure Gus is our, not so much! So that means I need Gus to stay a baby forever!

He sure is cute though! He pulls himself up on everything
now, and he is SO proud of himself! Is it wrong that I have
this teeny, tiny urge to ever-so-gently push him down?!
I know I have some work to do....its going to be
hard to let go of babyhood!

Here is a random pic from this week, looks good doesn't it?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ramblings from a tired Dev

You may want to skip this, blogs are cheap therapy. I am up late, should be in bed. But I just can't settle down tonight. There are times in my life when I seem caught up in my own problems or trials. I always search for the meaning in them, because I believe there is meaning in everything. But I wonder how many of those times, my efforts or heartache could be avoided or better spent if I would just use a little perspective and a lot of gratitude. How big a deal is it really? Is this really that bad? Should I really let myself feel this bad? Don't I have so much to be thankful for? Haven't we all had a pity party now and then, unfortunately I know I do.

Then I have an experience like I have had tonight. This has been a rough week, just seems there has been a lot to deal with and unfortunately I let it get me a little down. Then tonight, as I sit here taking up time on the computer wanting to wait up for Matt to get home from work, I have one of those moments that just turns it all around. Bringing my focus back to where it ought to be. A very wonderful friend of mine is going through the very worst of trials, if you asked me. Her precious 6 year old daughter is fighting a horrible battle with a brain tumor. I can't even imagine the anguish, is there anything worse as a parent? My heart just breaks for my friend and her family. Their faith has been so inspiring, just incredible.

How ridiculous I feel when I am so blessed to ever loose sight, however briefly, of that fact. I shouldn't have to be reminded. I have such a wonderful life and as tomorrow is Father's Day and Tuesday is our anniversary...9 YEARS! I just want to tell my Mattie how much I love him and thank him for all my blessings, because he is almost always responsible for the good things in my life.

I am so grateful to share this wonderful, beautiful, precious, funny, active, LOUD family with him. He is the greatest Dad and greatest husband I could have ever asked for. When I met Matt and the whirlwind of our relationship began, at moments when I would feel that things were moving too quickly, I could never deny that there was just a peace in my heart that I had never met anyone more right for me than him. What a strengthening of my testimony, because truly I could not imagine a more perfect fit than Matt is for me. I felt that the Lord must know me as an individual to bring Matt into my life. He and our marriage is everything I need. Matt knows me and loves me more than anyone on this earth and that is such a reassuring feeling. With him, all is well...perfect, dare I say.

I love you Matt and I am so grateful that you put up with all that you do. You are such a wonderful Dad and the kids adore you. You are the greatest hubby and I thank you for truly caring about me so unselfishly. I love you! I could get a lot more mushy, but we have been made fun of for that fact a lot lately and I think I should spare people a bit! Ahh...who are we kidding, you all know I am probably going to write another post on our anniversary full of mush! Something to look forward to!

....and Hoss, Thanks for Asking!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

When I was a kid and it started raining, all I wanted to do was run around in it. Some would probably think that its not a good idea, maybe someone will end up with pneumonia, but I let my kids play in the rain if it is not too cold! It has been raining like crazy our first summer here in Indiana, so they have had a lot of Rainy Days Fun!

The funniest part for me was when Taite ran off with Cy's umbrella, BLUE umbrella. He wouldn't even hold the pink on over his head. He just carried it in disgust all the way out to her! All Boy! I love these guys!


The girlies and I made freezer jam from the plethora of strawberries that they picked! And as Taite kept was "Jamalicious!"

They were very helpful, especially Ellery and Bailey who really got into our domestic afternoon!
Then there was Cy, he was only in it for the tasting! Or as he says "Tasteee Mommy!"
The finished product!
There is just something to be said about making your own food!
I need to post some new pics of Matt's garden, it is doing awesome!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My kids are all so different...and SO FUN! They make life interesting and my job as a Mom...well, never dull! They are my life. They make me crazy with love and happiness! This is probably going to be on the long side, sorry. I have to do updates on the latest "little" stuff for the fam far away.

She is SO awesome. Talk about luck in the oldest department. She is so naturally helpful and sweet as can be. There is however, another side to Elle, she is SUPER competitive! She can't stand to loose at anything and has so much fun in any kind of competition. She is even a trash talker!

Matt took Ellery and Bailey to a little pick up ball at the gym the other day. They love to watch Matt and I play any kind of sports. After, he was shooting around with them. Ellery had the ball in her hands ready to go and yelled at him with her game face on.. "Come on Princess!" She yelled that out to her 6 foot 5, 340lb. lineman of a father. I swear I did not teach her that.


She has always had a little connection to others in need. She worries a lot about people who are hurting in anyway. Her teacher called me 2 days after school was out. I was a little surprised because school was already over for the summer. But she just called to let me know how much she loved Bailey. She said that she hasn't seen compassion like that in a person so young. Bailey is the youngest in her kindergarten class, but very smart and would always complete her work very quickly. Every time that she finished she would hurry to help a couple of kids who struggle in the class. Her teacher said she never asked Bay to do that, but that she could tell Bailey was concerned about those kids and didn't want them to ever feel embarrassed about finishing slowly.
I love my Bailey.


She is so hilarious. I don't know what I would do with out my Taiter Bug. She is different for us from the older two girls. She is very girlie and dainty...and I LOVE it! I love having that change. She is always flitting around, twirling and prancing. She would wear a dress everyday if possible. Not so much a sporty girl so far. I asked her if she would like to take dance lessons and she said no, gymnastics. This thrilled me, I thought it was a perfect fit for her. She is freakishly flexible.

So off to gymnastics we go. I will have to do a post all by itself about that with some pictures, but I will tell you about the first day. I sat over in the parents section and Taite was in heaven. After a few minutes she came running off the mats and over to me. I was surprised because she is very independent and not afraid to be away from me.

I said "Taite, stay with your coach."

She looked at me and said "I have ta tell you sum-ping (something)...."

Okay I said.

"Mommy, I'm really good at this!" I sent her back only to have her run over 2 more times to report the same news. I told her to stay with her coach again. She did for a long time and then they were doing some trick and I think her coach must have congratulated her. She jumped up on a really tall mat and yelled over to me at the top of her lungs. "Mommy, I'm really good at that because I'm Bendy!"


Such a loving boy! The girls rotate helping me make dinner every night. I really make them do stuff too, I figure the earlier they learn, the earlier they can really be of help to me. So Cy wanted a turn the other night. He went and got the stool and came over..."Cy Cy turn heping!"

So here we are making our buttermilk biscuits...yum he kept saying! He had fun cooking with me, but he really is still a Daddy's boy! He gets very upset a lot of the time when Matt is gone at work. Once Matt gets home, he gets REALLY upset if Matt disappears from sight at all. I hope they are always very close.


Gus Gus, what a delight. He is so fun and such a great fit in the fam. He has been army crawling longer than any other baby we have had, almost 2 months now. But this last week he finally moved on. He will crawl on hands and knees some, but mostly he crawls on hands and feet like this. It is hilarious. I love this kid to death!

He is usually chewing on his tongue lately, but when he is not, he is still all smiles!

Sorry this post is so long, but what can I say...there are so many of them! I wouldn't have it any other way, they are way too fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Okay, they aren't really going to get warts are they? That is an old wives tale right?!?
Well, it still makes me happy that they are out there catching tree frogs. They aren't really squeamish girls. They have come a long way. I know I am probably a mean Mom, but I can't stand it when they freak out about bugs etc. They don't freak out at spiders or bugs anymore, they don't like them, but they don't freak out they know I don't really sympathize with it. Now bees are another subject...we are working on bees. But the bees we have in our backyard are HUMONGOUS! So I give them a little credit there.

Taite wanted to name him Ribbitt! Makes sense right?

Bailey found one the other day that was injured. She was heartbroken, cried and cried and cried. I tried to tell her that I thought he was okay and we should just let him go, but that didn't help her feel any better. She was so worried about him that she followed him through the yard for over an hour, to "make sure he made it home safely" she said. Bailey has a very tender heart.

REO Speedwagon anyone?

Horton Hears a Cyrus!

Cyrus LOVES the movie "Horton Hears a Who" But his absolute favorite part is at the very end when they break out into classic REO Speedwagon. This is the result every time!

He got a little bit camera shy, usually he sings the whole thing at the top of his lungs, but you get the idea!

Cracks me up!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chicago Temple

Today was awesome! The Relief Society in our Stake made a bus trip to the Chicago Temple today. I was not going to miss out on this opportunity and Matt as always was eager to help me get some time away. It was perfect. All those years of living within easy driving distance to many temples, I feel like I really took that for granted. It is kind of nice to be reminded what a privilege and joy it is to attend the temple. Anywhere all over the world...same peaceful feeling.
Thanks again Mattie for helping me get to go, you are always so considerate of what I need! I feel very refreshed and uplifted! Isn't it a beautiful temple?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our first Memorial Day in Indiana

Hello Emma! Since we weren't able to visit her grave to put flowers on it like we always do, the girls wanted to send balloons up just like we do on her birthday. They write their little messages and then we let them go, they always watch until they can't see them any more. Sometimes this can take a while! Pretty fun though.

I am still so grateful for this unexpected continuing blessing of a very real example to our kids about how important Eternal Families really are.


We had a BBQ at Aunt Beth's house in Ft. Wayne and it was as usual a blast! We love being around all the Johnson family. I hope we can move down closer to them in the next couple of years, that would be awesome. Then we could drive them even more nuts! Here are some pics of the backyard fun...especially our dodgeball game, I think that needs to become a tradition!