Sunday, May 30, 2010

My baby forever

This boy cracks me up, getting so big. This is one of my favorite ages, he is 19 months old. I have never had a baby this old without a newborn or a baby due any is weird for me. But Gus, he makes my heart melt.

I could do without his habit of putting his food on top of his head EVERY meal. What a funny boy.

He loves eating...not a mess at all!

He always finishes off with the bowl on the head. Why? Why, I say.

Gus loves our cats. He is pretty gentle and Shorty really likes him. When Gus is out in the backyard Shorty will just walk around with him.

I was hoping Matt wouldn't notice the little purse he was sporting, but no such luck. He wasn't very happy about that one. Usually I have taken the binky away by now. I don't know what my problem couldn't be that I am trying to keep him a baby at all could it? What can I say, I just want more babies and it looks like he just might have to stay my baby FoReVeR!

I am NOT kissing THAT

The first thing I do when Mattie gets home, of course is make out with him a little :)
But, when he works a field in any way he comes home looking like this or a lot of times worse...

and as hard as it is for me I must take a pass. Until after a shower that is, then we can kiss it up!

Every Day

Literally every day.
Gus loves it the most, cries and cries when we put it away.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Super Taitey

I think I posted pictures on here of a Superman cape I made for Cyrus that he adores, wears it constantly! He will put it on in the morning and come up to me all day and give me a kiss and then say "I hadda go now...I hadda go save the day!"
I made a Batman one too and I just thought the kids could share them, well Taite kindly informed me that she couldn't wear those two because they were boy colors. She asked me to make her a Super Taitey cape! To say she was pleased with my work would be a major understatement. She too wears it everywhere!

I adore her!

I have to add in a funny little exchange between Taite and Cy the other day. I was making some bread (I am an addict of homemade bread!) and was all floury and sticky with dough. I could hear Taite being not so nice to Cy. Then I hear him cry as she took something away from him. She had been a punk all afternoon and I had had my fill. He came running to me and said that "Taitey took my Mack truck, she's being mean."
I said, "I know buddy, I've had it with her. She is gonna get it." I don't even know what I meant by that specifically but apparently to him it was BAD. He looked at me and said, " Mommy! Not my Taitey. She don't get it!"

I said "She needs to get it buddy, she's in big trouble." He ran off saying, "She don't get it! Taitey don't get it!" and I was laughing to myself.

While I finished kneading the dough and cleaning up, I could hear him go into her. Pretty much immediately she starts it up again and then he starts running back yelling at the top of his lungs "Okay, okay! She need to get it! She need to get IT!!"
How quickly his devotion faded...pretty cute.

And she did indeed get it, little stinker. Such a cute stinker though.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day, Oops!

Well we had some problems on mother's day, self-inflicted if I am honest. It all started with this. When we move into our awesome home with its beautiful surroundings, miles of fields and woods behind our house.

That led to these infiltrating our house, only ours were not near as cute and cuddly as Mickey and Minnie :)

That led to my insistence that these little guys joined the family! Boy did they get the job done, haven't seen a mouse since we got the fur balls.

However, our precious Franky loves the fields and woods a little too much. He practically lives out there.

That led to uncontrollable amounts of these. I have never had a long haired cat before and I just couldn't believe how bad it was. When I say uncontrollable, I am not exaggerating. I would have to pick or cut out dozens a day. I got pregnant and worried about handling the cats, I fell behind on the burrs :(

That led to this...the inevitable shaving of our dear Franky. It took months of begging Matt to let me get it done. Matt had other solutions to Franky's problems, but I don't want to get PETA after me. They left his head, paws and the tip of his tail. He looks hilarious, and well, pitiful.

The night we brought him home there was a cold spell ~freezing~ I couldn't let him stay out all night with no fur on him. Matt wanted to keep him in the garage like we normally do all winter, but I thought he would still be so cold. The kids had them in when he first got home because he was a little scared after his torment at the vet. I am very much NOT an indoor animal person ew ew ew, but I was wussing out because they looked so comfy and pathetic all at once!

We brought in their old litter box from when they were kittens, they never had accidents before. Franky and Shorty cuddled up on the chair and blankets...I was going soft. We all headed to bed and that is when all hell broke loose. I awoke Sunday morning to find this, still snoozing comfortably.
Then the odor hit me and it didn't take long to find out what they had done!!!! They peed on our precious "Love Sac" our big huge bean bag that we LOVE!

That led to this. I was so mad I was going to explode! I wished for a moment that I had let Matt handle the burr situation with my gun like he wanted to! I just can't handle the grossness!Now here is where things took a very ridiculous turn because of my anger and obsessiveness. I thought, I will just have to wash the cover of the love sac. Moisture doesn't soak through the lining, I will just take off the cover like I have done a thousand times and wash it before church. Definite ox in the mire. Matt headed off to meetings and I began my chore. Only, I was unaware that the lining inside had torn and no longer held all the "stuff" together. I knew it was a little torn and that you had to shove some of the innards back in, but I only discovered after I pulled the big lined part out that it had almost torn half way. It was too late and spilling out everywhere.
Ever want to know what is inside of a big bean bag?

I was laughing so hard! Since the lining was broken I had to throw away some of the stuffing that had gotten peed on, but at least I know that it is all clean! I threw out the grossness and washed the cover. Heading off to church I couldn't wait for Matt to see what I had done!
This is how we spent Mother's Day afternoon.

It took FoReVaH... but we got it all back in and cleaned up. No more spills on the Love Sac because I am never doing that again! And no more cats in my house EVER!

We had a fantastic rest of the day complete with presents, snuggling, games, treats and a dinner of my choice. Matt's homemade tortillas baby! I LOVE my kiddos so much it is inundating! My cup definitely runneth over!

Friday, May 7, 2010

We eat what?

Its the beginning again of the fantastic garden! You all know how I despise summertime in general because of the heat...but it does have some majorly fantastic things, the kids being home from school and the GARDEN! Fresh veggies almost daily YUM!

Mattie works so hard on the garden and I am thankful for it. He makes it a family thing and I think it is wonderful to get all of us out there working in it. The kids love to see how their hard work pays off when things begin to grow!

Even Gus!

I have to tell a couple of funny stories that came about because of the garden. I took the girls to soccer one day while Matt took the boys on a special errand to one of his farmers. We came home to an elated Cy and a smelly yard!
They had gone to get manure to fertilize the garden. Cy is in LOVE with farms and tractors so heading off to the farm was a joy for him. He came running up to us when we got home from soccer. He was practically screaming with excitement as he explained "Mommy! Girls! We got POOP!! Daddy put POOP on the garden!!!"
Taite had a very dejected and disgusted look on her face "Poop?"
Cy continued "POOP to grow Daddy's garden!"
Taite started to cry a little bit..."Really? I don't want to eat Poop!"
After I died laughing I started to make him call it more poop.

Then a few days later Matt was out working in the yard. He was actually killing weeds, but Taite thought he was fertilizing the smaller plants. She looked at me and said "Mommy, does the fertilizer really make it grow?"
I said yes.
She said a few minutes later "Hey, Mom. If Dad puts the fertilizer on his head...his hair will grow again really stronger."

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So Matt says it is official...we are now hillbillies. Here is why

Matt made a fire pit in the backyard. Maybe the
country livin has gotten to us, but I don't care if it is just a hole in the backyard...I love it!
The girls went out and helped him dig it up,
they were SO excited and SO very very filthy!

It was worth it, Matt chopped up some wood and started her up. The kids had fun with tin foil dinners and the fact that their Dad is king of the dutch oven! I am sure we will be enjoying this a lot.
Nice face Elle

The kids are going to need some work on their marshmallow roasting skills:)