Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Cyrus is my little man, as loving as he is big. We have a sweet relationship, he is very protective of his Mama. He tells me all the time that I am "The prettiest Mama I ever sawed" How on earth do I deserve this little guy?!

The other other day I was giving Matt some grief, which of course I love to do you know. My hair is getting really long, which he LOVES. I told him that I was going to cut all of my hair off. He always makes a fuss when I say that, guilting me into keeping it long. But I told him he doesn't play with it anymore or even compliment it (whine whine) for what a pain in the butt it is to take care of, he doesn't appreciate it enough :) I am done, I'm cutting it ALL off, I declared! It must have been a really ugly day, shamelessly fishing for compliments like I was. But I got the boost I needed though.

Cy literally comes running in from the other room "Noooooooo! No Mommy! Don't cut off your hair, it is so long and pretty!" Ahhh, the appreciation I was looking for. "Mommy, you can't cut your hair, I wuv it. You look like Repencil!" Melt my heart. "You're my Repencil!" Tear.

Cy turned 4! He just had a birthday and I can't believe how much he is changing.
He is very smart and inquisitive. He loves to learn new things and do new things.
He loves his family and takes great care of his sisters.
He and Gus are great little pals. It is so fun for me to see.
When Gus gets really upset about something Cy will ask,
"Gus, do you need a hug? Come here buddy."

Indy is apparently getting to Cy! He loves to RACE! He and Gus go round and round the living room and kitchen all day, RACING!! So we decided on a racing cake of course. He was so happy and I was so happy because anything involving cake AND mashed up Oreos can't be anything but fantastic!

A great day and a great boy

One last funny. Cy has more clothes than anyone I know. Thanks to our generous hand-me-downers (I LOVE them, they save me from having to shop!) So, all these clothes and all of the sudden Cyrus tells me that he won't wear any of his 80 pairs of jeans any more. He just wants to wear his athletic pants every day. What ever floats your boat dude, I just figured we had the same sense of style :)

Then one day he ran out of those pants that he loved, the laundry lady was a little behind! He said "Mama. I can't wear jeans!" I said he would just have to today. He wouldn't budge and then said "Mommy, I have had it with those zippers!" I thought I had figured it out, it was just too hard for him to zip! "I'll zip them for you buddy!" "No! I am tired of those zippers biting my wiener!!" Poor guy had a painful wardrobe malfunction one too many times.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The return

And I make my triumphant return. My blogging hiatus is now complete and I am back. I am not going to attempt to catch up on all the that I have missed, but I think I will give a little update on each kiddo :)

Gus is a whirlwind. You can't turn your back on him for a moment. He is absolutely the most adorably mischievous little morsel that you ever did see. He is a nugget of cuteness wrapped around aggravation that I could just smack and then eat right up. He drives me crazy, CRAZY!!

Gussy's hair got really long all of the sudden. I gave him a bad haircut. I still maintain that it was not my fault. He would not hold still! He wiggled and squirmed, obviously not in the mood and kept offering hopefully, "Aaaaall done!" I was determined. However, he could not sense my resolve. He was darting back and forth like mad Gazelle! (Do Gazelles dart?) I don't know, but I do know he was driving me nuts. It was getting worse by the moment, deteriorating with each snip. He would NOT hold still, what is he, 2? I tried to fix it, desperately, daringly cutting away.

I have always successfully cut the boys' hair and lots of time the girls', I am too cheap you know. But this was a lost cause. I quit, caved, gave up. Then I stared. Something was really not right, maybe the way the hair was framing my adorable son's face. A flash of recognition. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there it was a spark of an image. I could not figure it out, gaze as I might! I was irritated about it. I couldn't start snipping again, we see where that got us.

Then Matt walks in a solves the riddle... he is Lloyd Christmas. My son, is a miniature Lloyd Christmas. We can't say "D and D-er" because my boy is much too smart, no, brilliant! :), to be mentioned in the same sentence as that. But it was freaking me out non the less, a mini. The bad haircut had taken a turn for the worse with this realization. It didn't last long though before I shaved off every last resemblance of Jim Carrey in his Dumb and Dumber days. Ooops, I said it.

He is a cheeser, fo sure!

So stinkin Cute!!

Sometimes he drives me crazy because he is so adorable, sometimes because he is such an unbelievable menace. There is another category of the disgusting and vomit-ous, truly this kid has done some gross things, but we will save that for another day :)

If I fold a basket of laundry, without fail I can put it anywhere for 2 seconds and he has dumped it all out. He is obsessed with eating out of my sugar containers, partial to brown sugar. I move them, he finds them. He just walks around saying "Tasteeeey" and I know he has helped himself to as many spoonfulls as he can shove in his mouth. He loves, LOVES to open a drawer and kindly remove all of its contents just for fun. I find my unders in the most random places!

He takes off with our shredded cheese container and dumps the whole 2 1/2 lbs out and just starts to eat from the pile off of the floor. He plugs sinks and then over flows them constantly. I can't tell you all the things we fish out of the toilet, including his face. Flashlights in fishtanks. Lotion, Oh how he LOVES lotion...our poor cat.

I am tired just thinking about it.
Here is a story that typifies just one portion of a morning with Gus.

We take child proof to a new level. We have all the regular stuff, but this kid will get into things so quickly. He is constantly making messes of everything and can open the majority of child proof contraptions. All of our doors have chains on them because he is a major flight risk. There are times for his own safety or the safety of our home that I have to gate him in the playroom, I mean a girl's gotta take a shower once in a while. We have a couple of gates we put up on the playroom door, because just one is easily breached, and then I get what I need to done. Oh alright, sometimes I just need a little break people! He takes a lot of energy :)

There is a door to the garage in the playroom, but we have a chain on it, of course way up high. Well the other day I was busily packing for a short trip and I was running late. I just needed 5 minutes uninterrupted to finish up. I put him in prison...I...I mean the playroom! and hurried to make my departure (insert angelic chorus singing! :)

I quickly noticed it was quiet, too quiet. When out of the corner of my eye I spot something out the window. Gus. Gus was outside, totally naked, on the driveway, in the pouring rain, splashing in puddles. Shake what your Mama gave ya!

This kind of stuff is every day people!! The next day I witnessed how he managed it. Well, almost because this picture is of the front door and its chain is about 6 inches lower and that tall bucket was not in the playroom with him. Plus he got the garage door open, I don't know how he reached the button. All of this in maybe 2 minutes!


I found him the other day on top of the washing machine. He pour 2 gallons of liquid detergent out. I was kind of peeved at Cyrus because I just assumed he helped Gus up there since there was nothing for him to climb on. Then the next day when Cy was still sleeping Gus got up there again and again there was nothing to climb on. I was perplexed. I put him down and told him to climb up again. I had a flattened thin cardboard box that I was saving to send a present in slid between the washer and dryer. He used JUST his 1 big toe to stand up on the edge of the flat box and shimmy his way up. Sigh.

He can throw a fit like any 2 year old.

Winding up...
Letting it fly!

But mostly he is just Happy Gus.
He is constantly hugging, snuggling and planting sloppy kisses all over my face.
All day he generously hands out "I wuuuuuv you" with a big squeeze around my neck.
Oh, he melts my heart.

My Goose