Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Fun Daddy!"

I am married to the greatest guy! Those who know Matt well know that his only concern in this life is his family. He never cares to hang out with friends or concentrates on things for himself, he races home from work and runs to the kids. He is always helping me out and makes us his number one priority. Well he is slightly obsessed with fishing, but everyone has their flaws.
Every Saturday he makes breakfast, as the girls call them, Dad's World Famous Flapjacks from scratch. After that when Cy is ready for his first nap, he loads the girls up in the car and heads out for some Daddy daughter time, giving me some alone time!! I knew some of the things that they do...going to get a treat at the gas station or going to the car wash, funny things like that.
But one day Taite comes running in the house "Fun Daddy, Fun Daddy!" I just thought she had a great time. Then she runs around yelling "Doughnuts, Doughnuts!" So maybe they went and got doughnuts. Then I learned the truth...Doughnuts! Find a sandy spot, spin out until the kids get sick! That is what they have spent the last couple weeks doing. That and digging in the mountains anywhere they can! The girls love their fun Dad, just a big (okay, really big) kid!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bailey Boo

Bailey is my hilarious child. She has more energy than the rest of us combined I think. She is always jumping, running, climbing, or bouncing. And yet is OFTEN slow to come when called, hum I wonder why? She is a great girl though, very loving. She makes friends easily, this is her best friend from school, Hadley. They have so much fun together. Bailey is very smart, reading well beyond her age. She has had an easy time with piano and loves to play for anyone. She is a tender girl and worries about others a lot. A dear friend of our family has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is only Bailey's age, Bailey asks about her all the time and prays daily for her to get better. We love our funny girl Bailey!!


This is my Ellie Girl! Such a good girl, full of energy and fun! I can usually find her out in a tree somewhere or riding like crazy around and around the block. She is loosing teeth like a mad woman, the poor- I stress poor- Tooth Fairy just can't keep up! Ellery has always been a very thoughtful and smart girl. She amazes us with her sensitivity to all things spiritual, she is just awesome. We have always called her Ellie, but as she is growing to a wise old age of 6 and a very important quarter, she informed me recently that she likes to be called Ellery or Elle. I try to remember, but Ellie slips out quite often! This is our cousin Megan with her in the tree, they always have a blast together.

Taitem's new bike!

Taite is a little obsessed with Dora and my Mom only added to that when she gave her this new Dora Bike. She has been riding it everywhere, asking me at night if "Dora Bike" can sleep in her room instead of the garage! She even puts Ellery's helmet on and wears as she rides along. When I took this picture, she rode up to me and said, "Mommy, Mommy..." then she leaned her ear against the bike "Dora bike say - treats and cookies and nummies wanna hop in my basket! You go get it?!" How can you resist? That is our little Taiter Bug always bringing a smile to your face!

Monday, May 19, 2008

BYU Football Alumni BBQ

We went to the annual BBQ and had a great time seeing many of Matt's old teammates. This time we took all the kids so that everyone could see how our family has grown. Its fun to go with my parents too since my Dad is an alumni player! Our kids had a blast running crazy with all the other kids! Matt had to take "the boy" over to meet LaVell. Coach Edwards is such a wonderful man and was a great coach to Matt, its nice to see him once a year. We wanted to get a picture with LaVell, Matt, Dad and Cy to have all 3 generations of BYU football in one picture with his coach-- no pressure Cy!! It was really nice since LaVell coached both Dad and Matt and now we have a picture with little Cyrus in there too! Guess I had better cancel those ballroom dancing lessons I started for Cyrus!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I can't believe he's already 1

Cyrus turned 1 on March 14th! He is such a BIG eater, we thought he would dive into the cake, but he was a little hesitant. I guess he was hoping for steak! Cy is so easy as long as he is fed! His one year check up was the other day and he was 29lbs and 33 &1/2 inches! Taitem is only 3 pounds heavier even though she is 18 months older. What can I say we grow them big around here. It was a fun day with all the family around. Happy Birthday Cy!

Here we go...

I have loved seeing all of my friends blogs and being able to stay caught up on their families, so here we go. The Johnson Family is fabulous! Ellery is 6 and is just finishing up kindergarten and loving it. Bailey is almost 5 and is reading like crazy and can't wait to start school next year. Taite our 2 & 1/2 year old is wild and crazy and keeps us laughing. Cy is 14 months and he is really starting to show his fun personality, he laughs all the time. Matt started a new job this year in medical sales, working for a home health and hospice company, he loves it! I know this part is going to shock everyone--- we are pregnant again!! So excited to add a new Johnson to the list! We aren't going to find out what the baby is, but the due date is Oct. 15th! We are all keeping our fingers crossed for another boy for Cy's sake. He is already swimming in a sea of estrogen every day, he gets SO excited when Matt finally gets home from work each day. Life is so good!!
Thanks for encouraging me to take the plunge and join in! We have so much fun in our little family and it is going to be fun to share it with everyone!