Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

My little Taiter was beyond excited for the day that they got to dress up for Dr. Seuss week on "Wacky Wednesday!" She picked out her ensemble all by herself down to the very last detail, "goofy" braids and two skirts mind you. It all made me laugh because Taite kind of dresses "wacky" much of the time anyway :) She's got a little punky brewster side!

I've been a little anxious about Taite this school year, constantly debating with myself whether or not we had made the right decision. Last year Bailey's teacher observed Taitem reading and insisted that we test her to go into Kindergarten early, Taite's birthday is at the end of September. I was reluctant to say the least. We met with the principal and to say he was less than encouraging would be an understatement. He said we could have her tested in August right before school started, I felt like "that" mom, the pushy one! I felt like an idiot.

August rolled around and I almost didn't take her. Matt and I kept worrying that down the road we would regret putting her in school early. You know, when she is an irate emotional teenager, mad that she doesn't get to drive or date her sophomore year. Actually, maybe that is the plus side!

I took her for testing and the principal seemed irritated that morning too. I told him that we were not decided yet trying desperately to dispel the "that" mom label :) just that we wanted to see how she tested. He didn't seem relieved of his irritation. I watched little Taiter walk off with him and just couldn't believe how big she was getting. She was testing with 2 Kindergarten teachers and the principal. She wasn't nervous at all. After maybe 5 minutes Mr. Remenhi came walking out with a much changed demeanor. He said without a doubt she should enroll this year! He also apologized for his rudeness before, he thought I was "that" mom too. We still almost didn't put her in, back and forth. I know this is just kindergarten we are talking about, but I was nervous and didn't want make a mistake! Can you imagine how I will be for College? Poor girl.

We did it (obviously) and I think I have irritated her teacher all year with my continued search for reassurance that we made the right choice. Taite was a little immature at first, but has done very well academically. Last week I asked Mrs. Nan again if we had done the right thing, or if she thought Taite should maybe do Kindergarten again next year. She scoffed at me and said that Taitem just tested at just below a 3rd grade reading level. She is her smartest student in all areas! OK maybe I can relax now....and beam with pride a little.

I can take credit right ;) am I right?!

She is such a cute little angel girl. I love her so.