Saturday, November 27, 2010


Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!
The tooth fairy has been busy at this little girl's bed lately.

Well that is it. With that toothless grin I think I am finally caught up on the blog. Not that there was anything really big that I missed, but I hate getting behind. This is my journal and a scrapbook all in one so I've got to keep it up. I am going to keep it up :)

September and October were just really crazy months. We had some unexpected distractions that took us by surprise. Something big that we had planned on was Mattie's new job. He was with a wonderful company these last few years, but had an incredible opportunity come his way with a new company that he just couldn't pass up. He still sells seed corn just like before but for Syngenta, a really wonderful and really ginormous company. He LOVES it! It has only been a couple of months now, but he is in Heaven. It makes me beyond happy to see him so fulfilled in his employment. It has just been so busy.

For the unexpected, I had a routine appointment with my hematologist to check my platelet levels and discuss his thoughts on where we were at 6 months later. He wanted to have my abdomen checked to see if anything was wrong with my spleen, liver and pancreas. There are a few conditions with those organs that can lead to low platelet disorders. I had the ultrasound done and I could tell by the technician that everything was not normal. She was very concentrated in one area compared to the others she looked at. I was pretty worried waiting for the results.

Long story short, my spleen was enlarged and they found a mass. Dr. Pascual who was normally so upbeat and a cheery little lovable Asian man turned very serious in our next few meetings. He wanted a CT scan done immediately and order a million and one in-depth blood tests. He was still hoping that there was a much simpler explanation than what he was afraid we had found. He was very concerned in telling me that his primary concern was that I had probable lymphoma. Lymphoma on my spleen. I was so taken back by his words I couldn't really process it all. I didn't even know there was any connection or possibility that all this blood nonsense the last 6 months could have anything to do with cancer.

I had a blessing right away and my family fasted as we awaited the results. THANK HEAVENS after the scan they were sure that I did not have lymphoma. The enlargement is due to a cyst inside my spleen. It could have happened years ago, a car accident or even playing basketball (I played rough you know ;) Maybe all the wrestling we do around here squished my spleen causing a cyst! But they are not worried about it and Dr. Pascual was very confident that they were right and this was NOT lymphoma. There was no lymphoma anywhere else which helped him feel confident that this spleen issue was indeed just a cyst. They will repeat the scan in 4 months to make sure that they are correct and it has not grown at all.

So after weeks of pure anxiety I got a big old clean bill of health, wahoo! A nice fat false alarm! The results of the extensive blood work was all negative too for what could be causing the low platelets. I just have something in my antibodies that kills off my own platelets. But the levels that they have remained at which are low, are not low enough to have to worry about. Just probably monitor periodically.

I can not explain the relief. We have been one grateful family around here that all is well. Thanksgiving is always a great time to be grateful and while I have never taken health for granted, I certainly have added gratitude for it this year. Life is so very very good :)

I'm So Excited!

I'm so excited!! And I just can't hide it!!

All for this. The combine taking off the field behind our house. Cy had been asking for WEEKS when they were going to harvest. The day finally arrived :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cutest Little Playas Ever!

It was dress as your favorite sports team day at school. We discussed the options and of course BYU was number one on the list. The Jazz and Colts made close second places. Then Ellery said, "I really just wish that I could dress like Daddy in his football pictures."
Well Elle, now that you asked, why not! We dug out Matt's old jerseys and I had to do some major adjustments because of the fact that they literally would drag on the floor they were so long. The girls all had their pick of old school Y and the newer Y and then also the different all-star games Mattie played in. They were beyond thrilled and the hit of the school apparently because they were wearing "real" jerseys. It was adorable to see how proud the girls were of their Daddy-o :)

Yo Yo Yo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We had some major problems with Halloween and preserving this year's images. Forgotten cameras, dead battery cameras, too many things to carry so ditch the camera episodes and last but not least blackberry camera that only took a few pictures. It still makes me mad because this year was funny. Here is the run down with the few pictures we did get.

Cy was Wow Wow Wubbzy. Have you seen that show? He LOVES Wubbzy! We saw a costume at the store for 20 bucks. He wanted it soooo very badly. I wasn't going to pay that though. So I made him one for $2.50! He was in heaven.

Gus was Donkey :) Really it was a horse costume, but I convinced Matt to go to the branch Halloween party as Shrek, Shrek and Donkey! I made Matt a little, well big vest and painted his whole head green. I am FUNNY! I don't think he enjoyed himself very much and UNFORTUNATELY that was a dead battery camera night :( Opportunity missed.

Taite was a very beautiful fairy. Pinked out from sparkly head to toe! She was thrilled and oh so cute!

Believe it or not this is the best picture of Bailey that I have...a "gothic vampire queen!" What a character! She had a really beautiful spooky dress on and made me put the "blood" all over her mouth, gross.

Ellery was an Indian Princess and we made her a really cute outfit. She was like Bailey and not around much for the few pictures I got. She had a blast this year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Working hard?

.....or hardly working? Well at least they are getting their work done. I think it is funny that they find ways to have fun while getting their jobs done. Who knew unloading the dishwasher could be such a good time? Good work girlies :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey Punkin

Last year we carved, this year we painted! We like to rotate every year. These beauties came out of our garden and we had SO much fun painting together!!

That is just gross

Hard at work,
Daddy the dork :)

Dah dah dah DAH!
The finished product!

Where We Live

We live in such a beautiful area. I love it. We spend a lot of time outside soaking it up. Our street is a dead end and I love it that way because hardly anyone drives up and down our end of the road. The kids and I go on bike rides and walks every day. I just LOVE nature and enjoy what I've got in my own neck of the woods.

One end and the other
surrounded by cornfields of course :)

Mountain out of a Mole Hill

We have this little hill...okay, small slope on the side of our yard. The kids love it and make it much more fun than I would have ever thought to do. They sled on it, roll down it and now have a little fun riding down it. Gus was the one to wander over and ride down it first. To listen to them laugh you would think they were on a carnival ride. I love them.

Jump on in

The never ending fun of our never ending leaves. Our yard has more trees than I can count creating more leaves to rake than my little hands can handle. But our neighbor was a huge help with his leaf blower a couple of afternoons and thank heavens the kids and I had enough fun to finish the rest over a couple of WEEKS!

They were GREAT helpers, I am always so impressed with what great workers they are. It makes me very happy that they don't mind pitching in. It lets me know that all the chores they are required to do really are a good thing :)

They were amazing. Even Gus would get out his little rake and help me load up the tarps. With each and every single stroke he would declare "I got it!" It was adorable. I just can't describe how many leave there are, as a proud Utahn it is just crazy to me! We would rake up piles, load them on to tarps, then drag the tarp to the garden. Our garden is 40 feet by 60 feet and the entire garden was covered with over 3 feet of leaves. Crazy.

Then I burned it all pictures because it was a little bit of madness keeping all the kids out of it and making sure it didn't all go up at once! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I must admit, I am a bit of a pyromaniac.

face plant and still coming up smiling :)

Good times