Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scared ya, didn't I

Okay, now no one is going to believe me if or when I do announce that I'm pregnant! Sorry for the scare everyone! Yes I said if or when, we just don't know people! A house divided...wink wink!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, I guess we should announce it here first.

I thought we would announce it on our blog. Yep, we are adding to our family again. It was a little sooner than we had anticipated, but it feels right. We always get grief, but we are happy about it.

What? No silly, we are not pregnant!

We just got some kittens! Sorry about that, I just like to mess around with my Mom, right now she is having a heart attack. She worries about the health, so many so fast.

Anyway, we had a little visitor at our house, code name..."Jerry" So we figured we'd get a cat to solve the problem. When we saw these kittens we couldn't resist. So introducing the newest members of the fam, Fuzz, Shorty, & Franky.

We let the kids name them, they had a blast.
Being tortured already.
They LOVE to play
No need for a gate though

Friday, April 24, 2009

I've had it up to ..... here!!!

Ask me how many "Tums" I consumed last night, or how many times I almost woke the house up yelling at the TV! The Jazz game last night...well lets just say I was all worked up!

For one thing, since we have moved to Indiana, we have adjusted pretty well. Other than having a hard time being away from family and friends, there isn't much to complain about. That is except this Eastern Time zone crap, I've had it up to here...and if you could see me , my hand is way above my head! Matt and I are confessed sports-a-holics and games starting at 10 pm is not cutting it. Especially for me because I really don't like to quit a game, I like to watch the whole thing. But I am old now and I just can't stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning all the time, it makes me...ummm a tad...grouchy in the morning---wink wink! (thats an understatement) Plus, Mattie won't stay up with me because he is even older and a sissy! He he he, love you Babe!

Back to the game, another thing I have had it up to here with is stupid commentators like Kenny -I-hate-the-Jazz- Smith. With idiotic comments like saying that the Lakers gave us the game. Did Kenny really play, is it just a joke? Because he was saying some pretty weak, non-player-like stuff. It really insults my intelligence when he makes such one-sided comparisons like saying that -it is a shame when Kobe Bryant has an "off night"- but Deron Williams' "off night" can purely be attributed to the great defense of the Lakers! Can anyone say Double Standard? It was said over and over how the Lakers lost it, giving up a 13 pt. lead...well hello!! We gave up an 11 pt lead... didn't we give them the game? I can't stand Kenny Smith, you expect this from others, like Phil Jackson saying that the refs (unfairly, implied) shut down Bynum from the first play of the game. Or that their hard D on Deron unfortunately led Booz to "fall into really easy plays" No, I am sorry, Booz worked his....butt off. Am I the only one who saw his monster left-handed dunk right over ugly Pau?

And you know what, in my book you can attribute Kobe's poor performance, and probably the win, to Ronnie Brewer! His defense was superb...holding Kobe to just 18 pts. 5/24, Kobe's first field goal made with 5 minutes left in the 2nd....awesome! Plus, Ronnie adding in 12 pts of his own. Well, I think the other thing that saved the game was Harpring and Korver with their energy coming off the bench in that run at the beginning of the 4th. As a big fat post myself, I can't overlook Booz and his 22 rebs either.

I still LOVE Deron, even if he had an "off night"

Overall, great game. Just recapping it all here..... I need another tums.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here we are in front of a really ugly door! But they look cute
don't they?I am not much of a shopper,
so these are the same Easter dresses they wore last year, oh well! It is only because of their loving grandmas that they get pretty matching dresses anyway, these ones are from Mamau, Matt's Mom. Good thing Ellery only grew taller this year, hers was a little on the shorter side, but oh well.

The boys don't match...again that would require shopping. But I think they look handsome! Maybe I could hire one of you out there next year. Any takers?

The kids were thrilled that the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over
the backyard! I was thrilled that the Easter Bunny agreed with
me that the kids already had enough loot from Aunt Becky's
Easter egg hunt and only brought 10 eggs per kid.
Thanks Easter Bunny!

Okay I put this picture here, not only because Bailey is cute, but look in the upper left corner!
Cyrus~ what a crazy kid.

Definitely Changing the Password

That is it, I am definitely changing my password. Highjacking my blog! He is just embarassed that I use my mad "skills" to kick his butt all the time! Anyway he should have started off with this lovely picture!!! Nice face!
We went down to Ft. Wayne for our nephew's birthday party and it was SO fun! I can't tell you how much I LOVE Matt's siblings and parents! They are so awesome and so much fun....obviously. I could not have asked for better inlaws, it is really nice to get to be around them so much now. Although they might be sick of us already...HA! Too bad, we're not that easy to get rid of.
The Ladies
This is Becky, Beth and Matt's Mom Connie. We laugh a lot when we get together.

Here's Ed and Matt's Dad Al.
This is Beth, she is getting married on Saturday.. can't wait! WAHOO!
It was a long but fun day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but Dev and my sister Beth are both highly trained, highly skilled ninjas! Please exercise caution anytime you are near these two, especially if Beth has had a drink or four. DO NOT mention the fact that you know they are ninjas because they have been trained to take you out if you find out they are ninjas. IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE to pass on this secret!! --Love you Dev, you should really look into changing your password ;) HOSS

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

I am just grateful for a hubby that I have SO much in common with! We enjoy so many things together. Now I know I have been complaining about the upcoming summer, but there is something that I LOVE about this time of year! Last night was the beginning of the best 6 weeks or so of the sports year.....the NBA Playoffs! You know where Matt and I will be almost nightly for the next little while, glued to our TV! Awesome, I get so excited like I am a little kid and it is Christmas!
The excitement, the suspense, the highs and lows, the come backs, the blowouts, the underdogs, the sheer athleticism, the drama....okay now I sound like a TNT commercial. Any way this is something that Matt and I love together -basketball.....SO awesome. We love football too, sports in general really. Anyway, popcorn anyone?

I could not love this guy more. Now I am just rambling when I should be going out the door to church. Matt got a new calling, he is the new Young Men's president and this is his first week. He has to leave at 8 for his meetings, so I have to get the kids to church on my own and I don't want the Branch President to think I can't handle it. We have had situations where I had to get the kids to church on my own before, but I am a little out of practice and now there are 5! But they have all eaten, bathed, hair done---SO MUCH HAIR, dressed, shoes on, bottle made, church bags ready, talk ready, all 50 toes and 50 fingers clipped (ewww!) legs shaved, and now we are ready to head out the door at 9:30 sharp!! It is what am I doing blogging?!?! I'm out of here!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soccer Mom!

This is the time of year that I dread....meaning that summer is right around the corner!! Ahhh nuts! I HATE, LOATHE, ABHOR the heat! Why oh why can't the temperature top off around 70? Okay maybe 75. Any whoo I do love spring weather with all the rain and flowers on the way, so I am trying to keep busy and not think about the pending heat soon to be approaching. Here is our favorite activity right now...
The girls are having a blast and I am a true Soccer Mom!

Ellery is as intense as ever. It is so fun to watch her aggressive athletic nature come shining through...this is my dream come true! She is awesome, I swear she is in on every single play!

Bailey is awesome too. She scored 3 of her team's 5 goals last week! Way to go Bay!

Its Twins!

I think Gus Gus looks so much like Matt. Here they are in their unintentionally matching outfits! Gus is such a happy boy, I can't get enough of his HuGe smiles!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, I forgot.....

With my last post about little Taitem stories, I don't know how I forgot this one. Warning...if little children's observations and comments on anatomical parts offends you, do not proceed any further.

I was changing Gus' diaper and Taite stood by watching for a few moments and then said slowly, "Mom he has a.... uh....uh..well.. a ugly fing." (thing!) pointing. Her little lisp just adds so much to every conversation, I love it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Okay......I Tommy!

I think I mentioned earlier that Cy calls Taite Tom...and she HaTeS it! She always tells him, no call me Taitey! So bless his heart he tries his hardest and now it comes out Tommy! This made her mad too and I tried to explain to her that he is trying, but just can't say it yet. She reluctantly said okay.....I Tommy.

I think Matt will forever call her Tommy now!

This pic....

I turn around and catch her doing this. "Hey Mom, I can see my bangs....yep I sure (pronounced sir) can see my bangs!"

Taite has such a bond with my Mom. I've never seen anything like it and words can't really describe it. Oma is her favorite thing in the world. She hasn't warmed up to living in Indiana yet. She cries daily to move back to Utah by Oma. The night after my Mom left she cried harder than ever and said...word for word "But Mommy, I already miss my Oma!" She put her little hand on her chest and said in a sob "It hurts!!" It made me cry, she was so sincerely heartbroken.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"The Quiz"

I wanted to give to this with the girls a long time ago, but kept forgetting. Ellery got so excited, she kept saying "I love this Quiz!"

So here is the quiz, Ellery is 7, Bailey is 5 and Taite is 3...she is hilarious! I gave them the quiz all by themselves.

1) What is something mom always says to you?
Ellery- She tells me I am so pretty
Bailey- I love you
Taite-Pretty, love you.

2) What makes mom happy?
E-When I do what I am asked.
B- When I give you hugs and kisses!
T-Me (pretty simple)

3) What makes mom sad?
E-When we don't obey.
B-When we just sit there and we don't obey.
T- Missing Oma

4) What does your mom do to make you laugh?
E-She tickles me.
B-She makes funny faces and tickles me.
T-She sing me a funny song!

5) How old is your mom?
T-Well....2, and I free (3)

6) What was your mom like as a child?
E-She always did what her mom and dad say.
B-She always obeyed.
T-She go to school and play wiff (with) little mommy friends!!

7) How tall is your mom?
E-Oh geez...61 inches and 10 feet.
B-60 feet tall and 10 inches.
T-3 tall

8) What is your mom's favorite thing to do?
E-Get her back tickled and hang out as a family.
B-Go for fun cruises (drives) as a family.
T-To play outside and jump on the tramfumpoline (trampoline) wiff (with) us!

9) What does your mom do when you're not around?
E-She works, cleans the house and takes care of the kids.
B-Change Gus and Cy's poopy butts!!!
T-Just play with my Dora toys when I gone....naughty Mommy!

10) If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
E-For the most nicest mom in the world.
B-For feeding us very well.

11) What is your mom really good at?
E-She is really good at taking care of us. And really good at helping us when we are hurt
B-She is really good at cleaning and taking care of us. And really good at hugging and taking care of us.
T-Good at hanging onto a little kid, like me.

12) What is your mom not so good at?
E-Video games, I always beat her.
B-Not good at setting up a fire and wrestling. (A fire?)
T-Getting in trouble and get a spank on your butt

13) What does your mom do for her job?
E-Taking care of us.
B-Being the Mom
T-Of keeping care of kids.

14) What is your mom's favorite food?
E-Dad's world famous pizza and pomegranates and Cookie and Cream ice cream
B-Breakfast burritos, pasta, and all fruits especially the strawberries

15) What makes you proud of your mom?
E-How well she takes care of us.
B-Her playing basketball and other games
T-Hearts make me happy and stop crying! (not really sure on that one...lots of love I hope!)

16) If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
B-The Little Mermaid
T-Cinderella princess, but you taller!

17) What do you and your mom do together?
E-We go on special dates and we snuggle together. We play games together.
B-We snuggle and make good food together
T-Play on the big Love Sac! (Our giant Bean bag!)

18) How are you and your mom the same?
E-We both have blue eyes.
B-We look the twins
T-We love Oma

19) How are you and your mom different?
E-She has brown hair and I have blond hair.
B-She has blue eyes and I have brown eyes
T-I'm the coldest! (?)

20) How do you know your mom loves you?
E-Because she is sweet to me and takes care of me.
B-She always takes care of me and feeds me good food, she loves me and never stops!
T-Because I love you so much!!