Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Day

Wow, the first day of school this year was a mess. We had just moved days before and we were totally crazy! The pictures were lame because we were running from one place to the next just trying to meet their teachers a little before the bell. Our town does something a little different, K-3rd grade is in one elementary and then 4 -6th are by themselves. So Ellery is all by herself and it is a race to get them to their schools on time. Normally they ride the bus, but since we missed orientations and open houses we tried to go early and say hello to their teachers. It was madness. But we are settled in and we could not be happier with the fantastic school system here in Plainfield :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


That is how you spell heaven for Gus and Cy, tractor :) These boys love anything and everything to do with farming and tractors. They go ballistic when they get to see a big combine working the field or just driving down the road. So when our good friends Angel and Justin invited us to go to Justin's parents home to play around on his Dad's restored tractors, we jumped at the chance! Gus still talks about it all the time.

Beautiful huh?

"Enough pictures already Mom!! I'm trying to drive here."

Thanks Justin and Angel it was a blast!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ellery is the only one that I haven't kind of updated on, so here goes. As always Ellery is just a fantastic girl. She is growing up so much and I have mixed emotions about it, love and hate! I love to watch her accomplish new things, she is so talented and inquisitive. I just hate that she is getting so big...and needing me less.

Ellery has been so resilient with our moves and changes, she just keeps on being consistently wonderful. I can't tell you how many times she will just be off doing a chore that needs to be done, just to help me out. I never even have to ask, that is typical Elle.

She is really enjoying school this year and shortly after school began she was moved up to advanced classes for several subjects. She works very hard always in school and it makes me very proud. Everything about this girl makes me very proud :)

Plus she's dang scrappy on the basketball court :) Wahooo!!