Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh the many faces of Gus

I know other people NEVER find these kind of pictures as funny as the parents, but I could not stop laughing! I was laying on the couch and he was attacking me! He kept coming over and growling at me and then biting me. Let me just tell you, his growl was so stinking adorable....but the bite, not so much! But here he is my little bear cub attacking me!

Here he is mid-growl!
Oh his adorableness is indescribable!

Obviously I am smitten with this kid, but I am not the only one. This entire family is wrapped around this kid's finger!

Here are some other randoms, he is just too cute. I don't know how we would get along with out this kiddo!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Move over Carrie

Taite is such a hoot! There is never a dull moment when she is around. Here are some funny things she has said or done lately.

We are heading to Utah in about a month and as you can imagine knowing of Taite's unmatched love for her Oma, she is excited to say the least. The other day she said this to me.

T- Mom, I am going to sleep in Oma's bed wiff (with!) her when we are in Utah.
Me- Oh really, did you ask Oma that?
T- No, but I know I am going to.
There was a long pause here and I could tell she was really pondering something.
T- I wonder where Papa is going to sleep?
So not only has she decided she is going to invade my parents bed, my poor Dad doesn't even get to stay!

Taite is really into being a "big girl" lately so she gets ready with pride in the morning all by herself even insisting on doing her own hair. Hey, one less thing for me to do! Here is her outfit the other day. We weren't going anywhere, it must have just been a fancy day in her head. I pray that she doesn't insist on going all out everyday when she gets to be a teenager! My shoes look good on her though!

Matt went out of town a couple of weeks ago and Cy was really missing Daddy and crying for him. By the 3rd or 4th day he could barely take it. I told him I missed him too and that he would be back soon. Taite just sat there staring at him. I said, "I bet Taitem misses him too, don't you Taite?"
She very unsympathetically said, "Yeah."
I was a little surprised by her callousness because she is a pretty big fan of Dad herself. My face must have registered this to her.
She said "What? He's coming back. You wanna talk about missing? I miss that's missing!" This was before we decided to take our trip to Utah next month.
Her response made me chuckle and she said very put out "What? I don't get to see her tomorrow do I?"
I thought she was going to either throw something across the room or start to cry. It was so sad.

Finally, Taiter is a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood! She puts on the headphones and sings at the top of her lungs! I am surprised by how much she knows the words. Maybe it isn't as obvious to the naked ear...but with a trained ear such as mine with the non-stop Carrie-fest from these 3 girls of mine, I can pick out a Carrie Underwood song a mile away! I love it though, they are so cute!
Here she is singing away.

Dad is Snow much fun!

That is what Ellery said to me, "Mom, Dad is snow much fun!!" Then she died laughing at her own joke. What a character.

3 of my little snow bunnies hanging out in the cave! Poor Bailey missed all the pictures, she is very adventurous and probably off climbing to the top of some tree and jumping into the snow!

Matt was throwing snowballs at the back door and on the roof. Cy thought it was hilarious for some reason.

Matt will play for hours and hours with the kids in the snow. They never get tired of having him out there, especially when he pulls them behind the tractor. What a great Dad!

More Cheesey Pics

This kid makes me smiles so much. I know that other people get tired of the same pictures over and over again...but not me! He is such a cutie!

Take over the bills...fine by me!

Constantly climbing!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We love Missionaries!

We indeed love the missionaries in our area. It has been a wonderful experience living in a Branch like we do. We are really spread out, I think our Branch has about 100 square miles or something in it. It has wonderful benefits, but there are hard things too. Having full time Missionaries assigned to our Branch is a HUGE blessing and we appreciate Missionaries so much! We always get to know them well.

Every Wednesday night is our missionary dinner night and boy do the kids look forward to it all week! They love LOVE the missionaries. They have gotten more attached to some than they have others. For instance this is Elder Peterson on the right and he has been so fun to have coming every week into our home for the last 6 LONG! He is just one of our favorites! Taite has an itty bitty, okay maybe not so itty bitty, crush on Elder Peterson. She always sits right next to him and when I say right next to him...I mean right next to him as in almost on him. He is a good sport about it and Taitem was quite upset that this was his last dinner before he was transferred. I just don't know what she is going to do. Thank heavens she is pretty fond of Elder Farmer too!

They always leave us with a lesson and this week part of the object lesson, the kids got to dress up as them! And yes that is a bowl on Ellery's head because I only had one bike helmet handy! Boy did they have fun. We are grateful for all the missionaries that have come to serve in our area and all over the world too! What fine young men and women are serving the Lord so honorably and well. Get to know your missionaries and have them in your home often, they need the support and it is SUCH a blessing for your family!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Utah Blaze!

So pretty cool stuff in my family. My Dad is a co-owner of the new Utah Blaze! How cool is that!!!
I tried to get a bigger logo on here, but this is all for now, pretty cool! You know how much I LOVE football, so we are pretty happy in the Hunter Fam!
You can check out their website for schedule info and all the other good stuff at
Click on that and away you go! I am so excited for my Dad and very proud of I am looking to some free game hook-ups when I visit! HA!

Monday, February 1, 2010

One of the Big kids!

The other day the little kids and I went to the girls' school for an awards assembly. Ellery won the accelerated reader award again for the 2nd grade now and Bailey won an excellent achievement award.
Anyway, we were standing on the sides and there were a couple of spots on the bleachers open next to the kindergarten class. Cy and Taite were desperate to sit next to the "big kids" because of course they want to be "big kids!"
I looked over a few minutes later and had to laugh. Cy looked as big as the kids sitting next to him! Cracks me up. 2 1/2!

Cyrus is just really growing up these days. He is hilarious and such a joy around the house. Don't get me wrong, he is a 2 year old in every sense of the word, but he is very well behaved and fun to have around. His little personality is so fun for me. He is a little bit OCD...okay a lot OCD. He has to have things just right the way he likes them or there are real problems. His bedroom has to be just so. He LOVES books and his favorites have to be organized in perfect order on his dresser. Nighttime routine is always in exact order. He is funny. He usually doesn't throw a fit if things aren't just right, but he just can't move past it.
For instance, his coat. It has a zipper and then snaps all the way up too. They go out and play in the snow so much and I really bundle the crap out of him so I zip him and snap him all the way up with his "Lightning McQueen" hat on! Well, now he has to have that done every single time he puts on his coat. It was a warmer day the other day and I knew he was going to get hot in the car so I only zipped it up a little bit and left out the hat. He stood there..."Mom, snap." stood there "Mom, snap." I said that it was too hot, go get in the car. He was completely undeterred. "Mommy, snap it.... Snap it.... Snap it.... Need snaps.... Need snaps.... Snap it." I was busy getting everyone and everything ready and he stood there the entire time just repeating calmly snap it snap it. Matt jokes and calls this his "Rain man mode" I must admit it is a little true. I finally snapped it up and he looked up at me happy as can be, "Thanks Mom, lets go!"