Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pond Envy

I have dreams about my own pond. I LOVE this pond! Perhaps I am slightly green with envy at this fabulous pond my brother-in-law Ed has in his backyard, it is so very much fun. Ed put this pond in himself, great work Uncle Eddie.

I mean really, wouldn't you love to have this in your back yard?
It even has a little sandy beach part for the little kids.

It was a slightly over-cast day and the water was quite chilly, but that never stops us. We didn't even have our swimsuits with us. Aunt Becky outfitted the girls with some of her son's clothes, bball shorts and t-shirts. I thought they looked great but Taite says to me "Mommy, we look like how you dress!" Bailey quickly added "Yeah, we look like boys, no offense Mom." What are you going to do...the truth hurts :)

Everyone had so much fun. I was busy taking pictures and thought I would get in shortly when my sister-in-law, the comedian, decided to push me off the dock with all my clothes on. Ha ha Becky. Actually it was hilarious. My kids still bring it up all the time.

Well everyone had a great time, except for my little Gus man. He wanted nothing to do with the water. It was cold and he was just enjoying the sand. Or maybe it was the fact that we tried to make him wear this...the only life jacket in his size. Rude, Mommy.

So he just stayed with Grandpa chillin and sampling all the food. Good choice!

I will have a huge, clean pond like this some day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A June Morning

I get up at 5:30, calm and relaxed. I read my scriptures. I do my hair as best I can with my clumsiness in the hair-styling department. I have to be out the door on time. My Mom and I are in the car with all our essentials packed. As we drive we have a wonderful little chat, memorable and emotional. We head north up I-15 as I have a million times, rounding the point of the mountain when there pops into view a beautiful silvery sight, did you know the Jordan River Temple has a silver lining? Check it out some time.

I arrive on time much to his surprise, we have wagered over my tardiness. We meet him in the foyer and an excitement fills my heart like I have never before experienced. As we sit with the Temple President we hold hands and catch each other's eyes occasionally. My joy begins to over-flow. My Mom helps me dress and prepare, I cherish this, it is priceless.

The greatest experience in my life, sitting with my Mattie in the Celestial Room, moments away from becoming eternal companions. I look at him and for the first time I feel it is a recollection, a remembrance from somewhere long ago.

This step in life, leaving your parents to join yourself to a man, a rite of passage. It isn't scary, it isn't sad. I will always be their little girl and I know they approved, they are delighted with Matt. This peace is imperative.

Kneeling across the altar from this wonderful man, there is the confirmation I was hoping for. The doubtless affirmation that I have made the right choice in marrying this man.
I am too eager, I answer the question before the question is a hurry to exuberantly reply that I want to be with this man for all of time and eternity! Funny now.

Our sealer counsels us to have nicknames in our family and gives many other words of advice, we listen. This precious older man keeps calling me "Divine" instead of Devyn. I joke that it is appropriate :) My family gently makes the corrections, over and over and over.

These 10 years later it is appropriate, our marriage is divine.
The day went off without a hitch, no problemos, just joy! Every minute since then has been a blessing and a gift.

One June morning that changed my forever.
Happy Anniversary to my Hoss.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

I wish I were a gifted writer. I wish I had the ability to eloquently put into words my feelings and thoughts. I wish I were more descriptive. That way I could really explain just how Matt wears the title of Dad. All he cares about is my happiness and the kids' happiness. He never runs out of love, time or energy for what we need or want.
I think one of my greatest accomplishments in life has been the Father I picked out for my kids.

"By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families." The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

We believe that proclamation to be the word of God and Matt takes most seriously his role as father of the home. I am so thankful for his dedication. To read the entirety of our beliefs on family click here

Happy Father's Day my love. I am glad you haven't had your fill of this yet!

Camping at Potato Creek!

Oh how I love camping! Love it, love it, love it! The rest of the fam does too. The kids were so excited to go and hardly sat still the whole time we were there, riding, climbing, playing and getting filthy :) We didn't go far from home, but it was a blast.

We had fabulous dutch oven dinners and I looked over to check Gus out in his little chair (we have to contain this crazy animal!) Now, I know that I did not give a side of rocks with his meal.

Every meal he gathered himself up a nice handful of rocks to go on his plate, what a funny boy.

It was hotter than Hades, sweltering really. The kids were doing anything to cool off.

I have issues sharing my popcorn.

Just good family time

I loved at night when we put the boys to bed in the trailer, the girls and parents got to sit around the campfire and have fun till it got really late. The fireflies were out in full force and the girls were having so much fun catching all they could. I only wish we had jars for them. But they improvised, they would put them all over their arms and watch them light up. I just wish I could have caught the glow on camera without the flash ruining it.

Taite wanted to be like the big girls so badly, but she just kept squishing them while trying to get them on her arms. Pretty cute.

Yay for smores

It was adventurous and fun. The first night I forgot to put our garbage sack away for the night and I looked out the door to see 4 HUGE raccoons tearing into it. I scared them off and cleaned up the mess. The biggest, fattest one turned and ran smack into the door of the girls' tent. They didn't even stir and the fatty just bounced up and scurried off.

We can't wait to go again. I just LOVE how we LOVE being together :)