Sunday, September 26, 2010

South of the Border

I have the COOLEST parents EVER!! They decided that for Matt and my 10 year, Max and Sophy's 5 year, and their own 35 year anniversaries this year that they would take us all to MEXICO for an all-inclusive fantastico vacation! Hello! The gift of a whole week of bliss, best gift ever :) Cabo San Lucas here we come!

A whole week of un-interupted time with my very favorite person? Dream come true. Actually I was oh so very nervous about leaving my children for a whole week, but they were in very good hands (THANKS Aunt Becky!!) I just knew that I would miss them so so much, and I did. I won't bore you with how many times I cried, what can I say...I really enjoy those little people!

But oh how I enjoyed this for a week too!
Breathtakingly beautiful beaches where Mattie and I spent hours.
This beach is just outside our resort.

Here is the arch, it was so beautiful. A couple of days while we were there it was very stormy off shore which made for huge waves.

Here we are on our way out to snorkel. I think this was my favorite day! We went out on the boat and Matt got to fish. Then we had a fantastic Mexican lunch on the boat and then snorkeled for hours. I LOVE to snorkel.

Here is Mattie catching his fish.
It was a big old Mahi-Mahi

We went all around Cabo. We walked around all the markets and shops, which was not my favorite part of the trip because
a) I do not like walking around in the heat
b) I do not like shopping
c) I am a very bad haggler, I stink at it really
But hey, we had to get the kids some souvenirs so it was worth it ;)

We went to this cool glass factory where they blow glass by hand. It was really amazing, they are so skilled. They asked Matt to come up and help with a demonstration. I thought it was hilarious because he looks like a giant next to all these short little Mexican men.

It was so interesting to watch and then to see Matt do it.
I laughed because as usual, Matt doesn't know his own strength...he blew a hole right through it.

The the guy showed us what they do and in a matter of minutes he made this little whale.

Here was my haven...the pool. Beautiful, I just lounged there all day long. In and out of the pool. There was a floating bar in the middle where you could just wade over and order yourself a heavenly pina colada. The bartenders seemed shocked every time our group of 6 adults would make our way over and order our virgin drinks. It was like they were just waiting for the time one of us would just go ahead and drink up all the available alcohol :)

I think they especially got a kick out of Matt ordering his new favorite drink...a Winnie the Pooh!

Here is my new best friend, Sven the speedo wearing Swede. He cracked me up, this picture does not do justice of just how tight Sven's speedo was. Speedos need to be outlawed.

Max, Sophy and my Mom went parasailing.

This glass bottom boat made me smile :)

There were fancy dinners and dancing galore. Not by Matt and I of course :)
I do not dance. Thank heavens Maxi is quite light on his feet!

My BEAUTIFUL sister-in-law Sophy! Oh, and Max

Cabo is so beautiful and we had so much fun with Max and Sophy and my Mom and Dad. We got up and played basketball every morning and stayed up late and played cards every night. So much laughing and such a good time. I really loved being with them all and Mattie...well you all know I can't get enough of that guy!

Dinners on the beach, awwww I just LOVE this man of mine!

And these can I ever thank them?! It was SO much fun!!!
I LOVE you Mom and Dad!

It was really sad. We had to stop calling when we knew Cyrus was awake because he had a REALLY hard time with us being gone. Really hard time. He cried obsessively and when I would talk to him on the phone he would just loose it and have the hardest time calming down. One time he got on the phone and cried and cried and asked me to "PLEASE come home from Mexico!!" Pronounced Mex-eeee-co. He said it over and over and then said "Mommy, just leave daddy in Mexico and come home to me!" We all know he is a total Mama's boy, but I thought Matt would get a little love :) Poor boy.

Taite was hilarious on the phone. She said "I really miss you Mom, and I want you to come back. I want to cry too, but Cy is crying SO much I don't want to cry too." Then she informed me of the injustice of it all, "Mommy, I really don't think it is fair that you get to be with Oma and not me." Then in classic Taitem style she added something completely random to finish off our conversation, "Hey Mom, I really need you to take a picture of a Chupacabra for me before you come home. Okay?"

Chuba-what-a? Where does she come up with this stuff? She said it every time she talked to us on the phone, so we knew that she was really interested. We didn't want to scare her at all though so we took a couple of funny "Chupacabra" pictures, she wasn't amused...she wanted the real deal.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Queen Taitem

It is Taite's Birthday!!! I can't believe that Taiter turned 5 this week and she is a Kindergartener, what the heck. I know every mother makes little comments of disbelief about how time flies each time their child has a birthday, but it is TRUE!

I feel like just yesterday I was at the hospital ready to meet my little 9 lb. 2 oz. angel. She came out kind of scary with the cord wrapped so tightly around that pretty little neck. But the moment they put her in my arms and she just nuzzled in, I was in love. Taitem just yawned and made cute little noises while we got reacquainted.

Taite was such an easy going, mellow, happy baby. Until she started to have her ear troubles and then she just wanted Mama all the time. We were tight. I spent hours upon hours just cuddling my sick little Taite. As much as I hated that she was always sick, I loved how close it brought us. We've got a bond Taitem and I. I love her so very much.

Taite has grown up into such a cute little girl. She would slap me right now, BIG girl! But she will always be my little Taitem :) She is very kind and loving, fun and witty. She cares about everyone in her family and tries very hard to show her love. She LOVES her older sisters and wants to do all they do. Taite LOVES her brothers and wants to watch out for them. She is awesome.

Taite had a fantastic weekend. First we went down to Ft. Wayne to Aunt Beth's house and decided to have a girl's night only for her birthday. We got her cousins, sisters and aunts and headed to Subway first. Then we came back to Aunt Beth's house and painted nails (Aunt Beth is very talented!) watched girl movies, opened presents and of course had cake and home made ice cream. She is so funny, she just wanted hostess cupcakes :)

Then on Monday for her actual birthday we had a little family party. She informed me the night before that she would like to be called Queen Taite for the whole day. She let me know that she would be a nice queen though, not a mean one who bosses everyone around, whew...good thing.

Grandpa came up and we went bowling and then came back for dinner of Taite's choice, pancakes and bacon with orange smoothies. Yum!

Here she is opening Oma's present that she bought and wrapped clear back a few months ago. Taitem totally forgot that she had told Oma when she was here that she wanted this present so she was pretty surprised and over-joyed. Love that face!

What a cute girl who I love dearly, there aren't words! My little Taiter Bug is growing up...stop it this instant!! She is so lovable and snuggable and kissable, she just can't grow up.
I refuse to let it happen :)
Thank heavens she informs me all the time that she will always be my girl and live
with me even, FoReVeR!
Fine by me :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I feel like some Herring!

We LOVE us some Herring :)
Herring family that is!
Matt and Isaac played football together at BYU and then we got to be in a ward with them for a little do I miss those days. They were here in Indy this summer and they came and stayed with us 2 weekends in a row! We felt so lucky and the kids were in heaven.

We don't get visitors often and I was so very excited that they came up to hang out. It wasn't long enough that is all I know! Erin and Isaac are so easy to be with, just good times with great friends :)

Bailey loves Miss Morgan! They were buddies years ago in nursery and instant buddies again. Bay was so excited that she was going to be in her church class again. Morgan is the sweetest girl ever and uplifts everyone around her, an angel she is.

Gus was glued to Isaac from the get go. All my kiddos were pretty excited to have another guy around who was as big as their Daddy and could throw them as high as he can. Just big jungle gyms I guess :)

I think Gus is the only one actually looking at the ironic is that!

Cy hopping into Morgan's "wheeler-chair" when Morgan wasn't in it. He would just cruise all around the room, what a little stinker. He told me that "Noah say its okay" yeah right.

Noah and Cy were good buddies. Cy has NO boys his age to ever play with so to say he was excited is a major understatement. He was a big FAN of Noah. We were a little concerned at first because he kept forgetting Noah's name and just kept calling him his boy friend. Not boyfriend people, boy friend. We had to quickly get him to stop that nonsense :) They were good buddies nonetheless.

I loved it because Cy is always so much bigger than kids his age. It was fun to see another big old boy in the making!

The adults just sat back, watched the craziness of 8 kids running wild, played cards, and ate massive....MASSIVE amounts of snickers. That of course led to a wager of which couple could make their goal weight in 1 year. Johnsons are gonna win baby! Bring it Fatty McFattersons!

Herrings...we LOVE you! Isaac, Erin, Morgan, Noah, and Sam....come BAAAAAAACK! Honestly I am so very thankful for the good friends we have in our life. What a blessing. I LOVE all my friends!