Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Fun!!

Alright, the next couple of things I have missed are birthdays for Taite, Matt and Gus! Look at this crazy bunch :)

Can you tell we all love Daddy more than just about anything? Well, surely by now everyone knows how I feel about this big hunk of a man. My Hoss. Happy Birthday babe, I love you so very much.

The kids really put some thought into gifts for their Daddy this year. Cy was beyond excited to give Matt a new model airplane! They love to put them together...together :)

Many of you know that Matt is a little obsessed with canning (I'm so lucky!) He makes the greatest, most delicious applesauce that the kids LOVE. Bailey wanted to get him an apple peeler to make the process a little quicker :)

Then there is my Gus. This kid is the most hilarious thing in my life. He is so full of energy and happiness, he is a spaz in all the right ways. I just love to sit back and watch the entertainment he so lavishly supplies!

With Taite, Matt and Gus having birthdays so close together Gus was beyond excited that is was finally his turn after watching the other two get to open their presents! He was cracking us up because the whole time he was unwrapping a gift he just kept saying "and...and....and...AND!" building with such excitement, it was hilarious! He was so thankful for each gift and said thank you a million times to each and every person. What a cutie.

His obsession with tractors is still alive and well.

I think I know where he gets his love of tractors. These two spent a good 20 minutes inspecting all the functions of the realistic John Deere gift :)

Oh my little Gus, I can't believe he is 3. He has two speeds, crazy energetic or snuggle time. I love them both! I love him so much, just can't imagine life without him!

Taite turns 6!!

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever? I think so. Her personality is just that too, sweet sweetness :) But as Matt would quickly point out, she also has a very feisty side that can quickly come out...like on the basketball court! She has become quite the baller!

Taiter is a joy in our family. I am so thankful for her.

Someone has a habit of blowing out the candles before the birthday girl has a chance :)

When we moved we weren't able to take our cat with us, Taitem was heartbroken to leave Shorty behind. But he was very comfortable out in the country and had become almost as much our next door neighbor's cat as he was ours. We decided to give him to our neighbors. Taite was so sad though so Matt and I pulled off a big surprise and got her some kittens for her birthday. She was SO very excited. The little girl cat is her very own and the other kitten is the whole family's, she did get to name them both though, Simon and Katie.

She heads out to spend some time with Katie as soon as she gets home from school. Too cute.

She will no doubt have mad athletic skills...but she is still all girl this one :)

LOVE you Taite!