Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elder Bair

There is something that we have come to absolutely LOVE about living outside of Utah, the missionaries! Maybe that is our fault for not making more of an effort when we were in Utah, but it seemed that there were just so many members to go around. We lived in a branch for 3 years before moving and if you have never lived in a Branch, it is a special experience. Small numbers make for very tight friends :) It was an amazing experience and you definitely rely on the missionaries in a special way too. We got into a habit of having them over every Friday night for dinner, I can not tell you what a blessing that small habit has been for our family. We have had great experiences and our kids LOVE having those relationships and learning from the missionaries. Hopefully we give a little back to them as well.

Well, we definitely have had one Elder who has been special to our family...Elder Bair. He is a stud and our kids adore him. We were so fortunate to have him in the Branch for many months and he was transferred. When we moved shortly after we were so excited to learn that Elder Bair was in our new ward! We got to have him for many more months. What a joy.

Well now he has moved on again and the kids are pretty bummed. Maybe we will luck out and move into his next area again! If not, make sure to come back and visit before you go home Elder Bair! Matt needs a couple of more opportunities to turn you from an Idaho farmer to an Indiana one :)

If you don't know the Elders or Sisters, or of course the couple missionaries in your ward or branch ~ you have GOT to get to know them! It is such a blessing for you and them.

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